Packing & Storage

When it comes to your big move, have you thought of what you were going to do about packing up and storing your things?

If you were dreading the thought of having to pack and compartmentalize your life into cardboard boxes, there is hope- you don’t have to do it yourself!

That’s because Absolute Movers, as one of the best local moving companies in Vancouver, offers full packing and storage services.

Take that load off of your shoulders, and place it on the strong and capable shoulders of our experienced packers and movers. We’ll be the movers to transport all of your belongings wherever you’re moving to, safe and sound.

Whether you’re moving homes or moving offices, our packers and movers will get the job done.

Our packers use professional packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings and valuables, which is one of our highest priorities. Our arsenal of packing materials includes recyclable paper, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, microfoam and reusable moving pads- all to ensure that your valuables arrive in the same condition that they left.

Although we will happily pack up anything that you need, please be aware that delicate and fragile items such as glass, art, and chandeliers may need custom crating in order to properly protect them.

If you’re moving offices anywhere in Greater Vancouver, that may also apply to your computers and other hardware, as well.

But whether you decide to pack everything up yourself, or want us to pack for you, you have your options. Either way, we work to always deliver on-time and within your budget. And whatever your decision, we do all of the loading, transporting, and unloading- always.

To find out more about your packing and storage options, contact us today!

We’ve got the packing and moving expertise to get you packed up and moving!

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